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VILLA LYDIA is in Vathi in a magnificent green cliff among stone built houses. An amazing view of Scorpios Island gives the visitor the chance to relax at the pool, to enjoy the peace and the beauty of the Ionian Sea or walk along the seaside cafes, restaurants and small traditional tavernas in the center of Vathi.

How to reach Villa Lydia

Meganisi, though small in extent and with few residents, has two ports, Spilia and Vathi. Ferry boats reach both (depending on the timetables). Starting from Nydri and after a 25 minute of sea voyage among greeny tiny islands and lots of sailing yachts the visitor reaches Spilia.
Turning left and driving along the seaside road, admiring the dentalated beaches at the same time you reach Vathi. It is a 6km drive worth seeing even if the ferry continues its voyage to Vathi.
Arriving at Vathi, where the ‘heart “of the island is, the visitor carries on driving seaside and through the picturesque tavernas and cafes until it reaches the other side of the village following the KATOMERI direction. Exactly at the end of the road, you turn left and you are at the stone built residences where VILLA LYDIA is. Your first impression of the view of the island of Scorpio is in front of you.
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